Fixed Price Building Contracts

Do we use fixed price contracts?



Will we increase the price of your build after you have signed your contract? No.



Can a builder legally increase the price for circumstances out of the clients control? No.


What does this mean?
Unfortunately due to the current industry delays and price rises in materials and labour, we have heard horror stories about other builders passing these price hikes onto their unsuspecting clients making their build 10’s of Thousands of dollars higher than what they had originally signed up for! You can build in confidence with JRZ Homes, as we will not do this.

With JRZ Homes – a Fixed Price Contract is a Fixed Price Contract. From when you sign your contract with us, the price will remain the same no matter the industry circumstances. This means you can embark on your home building with the comfort and security of knowing that the price that was signed on, is the price you will pay. We will outline in our quote presentation every single cost that is included in the budget.



How are the increased costs being managed by us? Loyalty! We are 10 years old and have been very Loyal to our amazing suppliers and sub-contractors who are paid in full, every time, this has meant it has been a team effort to ensure increases are managed as best as possible whilst the build is on-going, this also ensures we maintain our strong balance sheet which protects each of our clients for many years to come.



The only extra allowances you may incur will be if we hit rock on site or if a client chooses to change/upgrade items in their home. That’s it – no hidden costs, no nasty surprises, no fine print.



Here at JRZ Homes, integrity and transparency is at the core of everything we do.