Here’s a little about us,
and what we can do to help.

Who we are.

Jesse Zielke began his career of building quality homes in Bundaberg back in 2008. Since then, he has gone from strength to strength — and today with Jesse at the helm, JRZ Homes has grown to be Bundaberg’s largest local residential building company.

We pride ourselves on being open, honest, and as informative as possible throughout the build, with the aim of providing you with a quality dream home you will tell your friends and family about.

Constantly monitoring and exploring new opportunities, Jesse is an innovator in the building industry. A straight shooter with a no-nonsense approach to projects with the clients’ needs always at the fore front of his actions. Jesse is an active member of Master Builders Australia and was voted in by his peers around the state as a committee member of the Master Builders QLD Housing Sector Committee. He meets and listens to all builders within the region to help better the industry for all involved and is very passionate about doing so.

Jesse has built this business from the ground up, and surrounded himself with the best staff, suppliers, and sub-contractors in the business to ensure you a stress-free build, with our experienced team of professionals.


The stronger the staff, the stronger the house.

We put our all into empowering and inspiring our staff. Firstly, because it provides a safe and welcoming workspace. But also, to bring out their best and the best of their abilities. This results in higher retention rates for the business, happy workers, and satisfied customers.

Few things compare to training the youth in trades and certificates – and professional development is at the forefront of JRZ Homes. It’s about enabling juniors and apprentices to grow under our watchful eyes, and in-turn, providing them with long term, secure roles within our business.


Our process starts with solid foundations.

Early procurement plays a large role in the success of the business ensuring all resources are well managed early in the process.

That’s why we’ve created strong relationships with leading suppliers and subcontractors who align with our values of quality and service. We utilise products that offer above industry standard warranties to support our clients long after their home is complete. And we make sure we scout the market to know what is done and how we can do it better.


Connections, communication, and coordination.

One of our most essential missions is continually improving our internal systems to achieve the greatest efficiency, streamlining our construction programs and documentation in the safest manner.

By utilising the latest technology including Artificial Intelligence to ensure data is absorbed, interpreted, and correctly attributed – we ensure consistent results for our clients.

Project Management.

Time and money — raw materials.

At JRZ, customer satisfaction is our top priority. Our experienced Project Management team uses industry leading software to ensure the best experience. But we always combine technology with humanity – because communication, trust, accountability, and innovation are built into our DNA.

Our teams work collaboratively with clients and partners to ensure they are updated on a regular basis. Keeping future house owners informed, subcontractors on schedule, and calendars organised.

Defect Management.

Defects dealt with effectiveness.

Having an experienced carpenter in house to manage all after sales defects is a weight off our shoulders – and email inbox. Our experts will provide information to the affected trade / supplier and set deadlines for rectification. Saving us all time, effort, and money.


We play it (extremely) safe.

Safety is paramount to JRZ Homes. We have well defined and proven policies and procedures that comply with all WHS legislation and practice requirements.

Continual site audits are conducted and recorded. Employees and contractors are informed of all ongoing safety measures. JRZ is committed to annual training of its staff particularly first aid and CPR.

All major sites and offices contain defibrillators.

Financial Management.

Let’s talk net worth, not debt worth.

We don’t mind the money talk. JRZ Homes is debt free and runs without the requirement for an overdraft facility to manage its finances. Making us a confident business and giving us the freedom to invest where our heart believes is necessary.

At JRZ Homes, we pride ourselves on paying our subcontractors within seven business days from date of receipt of approved invoice, this practice ensures we are a preferred builder for subcontractors.

The businesses net tangible assets allow our business to meet the strict financial requirements of the regulator QBCC (Queensland Building and Construction Commission). In other words, we know the worth of each dollar – whether it’s yours going into your next home or ours going in our trades pockets.


The goal is to lower our carbon footprint and inspire our people to make a difference beyond the workplace.

At JRZ Homes, we use innovative built form products to create energy efficient homes. This reduces energy waste and cost making life better for both the householders and the planet they live on.

We also introduced and implanted on-site recycling programs that promote our staff and subcontractors in recycling and re-using products. The goal is to get a better carbon footprint and inspire our people to make a difference beyond the workplace.